Thursday, 3 December 2009

Martipants and Socks Mix

1. Toys R Us - SANTA
2. All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth - SPIKE JONES
3. The Ice Storm - THE GO TEAM
4. Phone Call - JON BRION
5. I Believe In Father Christmas - EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER
6. First Snow - CLINT MANSELL
7. Walking In The Air - ALED JONES
8. Winters Going - DJ SIGNIFY
9. Christmas Rappin - HEDLUV
10. Christmas In Hollis - RUN DMC
11. I Want A Hippo For Christmas - GAYLA PEENEY
12. My Girlfriend Killed Jesus - STEPHEN JONES
13. Winter Wonderland (Feat Rod Thomas) - JAMES YUILL
14. In Church - M83
15. Star Of Wonder - SUFJAN STEVENS
16. Coming In From The Cold - THE DELGADOS
17. Little Donkey - GRACIE FIELDS
19. Little Girl Blue (Feat Nina Simone) - THE POSTAL SERVICE
20. On A Silent Night - ROD THOMAS
21. Christmas Rappin - KURTIS BLOW
23. Dreams - DNTEL
24. 1st Of The 1st - OLO WORMS
25. The New Year - DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE

Friday, 20 November 2009

It's Wintery - Spotify Playlist

Here's a little spotify playlist to warm your hands by.


It's Wintery - Spotify Playlist

Monday, 19 October 2009

DJ One Trick Pony - Ear Wax Mix


Another mix by Dj One Trick Pony to listen to whilst cycling about.... bit of everything squeezed in here!! Fuzz, Psych, some soundtrack stuff, funky bits, glam stompers and a gang of breaks!!
Tracks from Turkey, Poland, India, France, Peru, Hungary, Egypt, Brazil etc...

Partly done to celebrate the impending first EAR WAX night in Bristol - - Fri 23rd Oct -- hopefully this kind of shit will get the punters dancing!!

1. KALYANJI ANANDJI - wada karle sajna (EMI LP)
2. BILLY STRANGE - wine, women and jam (Tower LP)
3. KOICHI OKI - light my fire (Universal Summit LP)
4. THE ELECTRIC HAIR - let the sunshine in (Philips 45)
5. BROADWAY MATADORS - aquarius (Beograd Disk 45)
6. ROXY MUSIC - the numberer (Island 45)
7. ASHA BHOSLE - dum maro dum (Odeon 45)
8. ANANDA SHANKAR - streets of calcutta (EMI LP)
9. BALSARA - i wanna hold your hand (Melodisc LP)
10. YUSEF LATEEF - eastern market (Atlantic LP)
11. LOS YORKS - abrazme (MAG LP)
12. VENTURES - night walk (Liberty LP)
13. THE BAD BOYS - black olives (Paula 45)
14. TOM & JERRIO - boomerang (Lost Nite 45)
15. LES SURFS - uh huh (Festival 45)
16. HENRI SALVADOR - beta gamma l'ordinateur (Rigolo 45)
17. BLACK ROCK - yeah yeah (Select Hits 45)
18. TADEUSZ WOZNIAK - swiat jak zwariowany (Muza LP)
19. ENDLE ST CLOUD - come through (Independant Artists LP)
20. POWER OF ZEUS - it couldn't be me (Rare Earth LP)
21. JANIE - psycho (President 45)
22. BILL PARKER - gonna put my foot down (Anla 45)
23. VISITORS - terre-larbour (Si-wan LP)
24. GENTLE GIANT - the house, the street, the room (Vertigo LP)
25. KRZYSTOF KLENCZON - nie przejdziemy do historii (Pronit LP)
26. DALTON, JAMES & SUTTON - esatoria
27. CEM KARACA - ihtarname (Yavuz 45)
28. BARIS MANCO - derule (Sayan 45)
29. OMEGA - h'az elektronics furesz (Qualiton LP)
30. NEIL MERRYWEATHER - sunshine superman (Mercury LP)
31. OMAR KHORSHID - rasket el fadaa (MFP LP)
32. HARD HORSE - let it ride (Dart 45)
33. ALAIN KAN - city palace (Motors 45)
34. MUSTARD - good time comin' (EMI 45)
35. LOS PEKENIKES - saltamontes (Movie Play 45)
36. SUPER EROTICA - lost in space (Beverly LP)
37. GILBERTO GIL - crazy pop rock (Philips LP)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Alex D -SPOTIFY MIX: Time of The Season

Time of The Season - an autumn mix

Not done one of these before, so hopefully it all works ok!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Martipants - Bleeps and Squeaks Mix


1. BLACK - Just making Memories
2. CHINA CRISIS - June Bride
3. JOURNEY - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
4. FISCHERSPOONER - We Are Electric
5. HASYMO - Rydeen
6. HOLY FUCK - K. Rhythm Pt. 1
8. TRANS AM - Cocaine Computer
9. RADIOHEAD - Idioteque (Adam Freeland Remix)
10. DAN DEACON - Pink Batman
11. FINGATHING - Cluster Buster
12. HEDLUV - My 3 Notes
13. HOT CHIP - Shake a Fist
14. JIM CARREY - Cuban Pete
15. NEON NEON - I Lust U
16. PIVOT - Kirsten Dunst
17. PLAID - Squance
18. Q LAZZARUS - Good Bye Horses
19. REX THE DOG - Prototype
20. HADDAWAY - What Is Love
21. AMBASSADORS OF FUNK - Super Mario Land
22. JAMES FIGURINE - Ruining The Sundays
23. DAN LE SAC Vs SCROOBIUS PIP - Thou Shalt Always Kill
24. JOE BATAAN - Aftershower funk 

Thursday, 1 October 2009

EARWAX - Friday 23rd October

We have the first EARWAX night at StartTheBus this month.
Come and dance to a heady mix of glam, psych, prog, jazz and so-on.

Friday 23rd October
10pm - 3am

DJs One Trick Pony, James F and Alex D will be playing obscure and not-so-obscure dancefloor killers from their floorboard-bending record collections.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Alex D and Martipants mix - 'Hawk Wind & Fire'


Alex D and Martipants have put together a mix of stuff that you will probably hate! (Download it free anyway)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Martipants 'Fiction' Mix


Martipants has done a fictional mix all about computer games! (feel free to download)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Martipants 'Heartache' Remix

Martipants was asked to do a remix of the forthcoming single 'Heartache' by Rob Cowen & the dissidents. Feel free to download what he came up with!!

The full single will be available on the 28th September, released through Self Raising Records. The single will also contain remixes by the excellent James Yuill and Bright Light Bright Light! You can hear the original and remixes @

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Downloading mixes

Just in case anyone was getting annoyed thinking they had to keep a browser window open to listen to the mixes, you can download them by clicking on the 'DivShare' link.
This will take you to a page where you can download the mp3s, thus enabling you to shove them on your ipod and listen to them while wrestling bears, weaving toupees or whatever else you weirdos do in your spare time.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Alex D and Martipants mix - I Gobot

Alex D and Martipants team up to make a crazy, fun-filled mix!!!

Martipants - driving test mix

A little mix about learning to drive and the hazards along the way! ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New Night! - Earwax

There's a new night rolling in to town! - Friday 23rd October

Earwax is a friday night Dj-based thing at Start The Bus.
Dusty old psych, prog, garage, jazz, rock n roll, ye ye, soundtracks, library music and so on.

Come along and dance to music you didn't know you liked!

Alex D, One Trick Pony & James F on the wheels of steel.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sunday 30th August / 5pm-3am - StartTheBus

This month's Accordion is a Science Fiction special!

We kick off nice and early at 5pm, so come early for:

- Small Records djs playing space rock, robot funk and bleepy songs sung in morse-code.

- Projected movies of a scientific and fictional nature. Titles yet to be decided upon.

In the evening, we have the Special Wednesday djs playing more nonsense, plus some amazing live music for you!




Monday, 24 August 2009

Sci-fi Mix - Download

We dun a Sci-Fi mix for this week's Science Fiction themed Accordion night (Sunday 30th Aug) that we will be giving away free on the night (limited to 50 cds, so first come, first served!). Alternatively, you can download it here.

There are three mixes:

Exponential Thermonuclear Bombs - Alex D

Frigidaire Digits - Martipants

Astroturd - Dj One Trick Pony